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Custom Adventure Parks

Physical activity is important for the health of people of all ages. For children, encouraging creative play and challenging projects with some difficulty will help them gain confidence and learn to cooperate. In recent years,  adventure playground equipment is becoming increasingly popular. More and more playground business owners are trying to add some adventure elements into their playgrounds to attract more visitors.

At Hooray Amusement, we can customize a range of adventure equipment according to your floor plan, budget and your ideas. Our adventure park aims to provide fun and exciting challenges for players of all ages, allowing children and adults to participate in their adventures happily.


Adventure Playground Examples

Below are just some examples of the popular adventure parks. Please keep in mind that we are a manufacturer and are flexible in meeting any customer demands. If you want to check more examples, feel free to contact our support team.

Superior quality & complying with the strictest safety standards


For any high quality indoor playground, materials and craftsmanship are of equal importance. Only with careful production and the use of only the finest materials can these safe, beautiful and durable indoor playgrounds be created.

In designing and manufacturing the indoor playground equipment, we follow the safety standards in USA & Europe, which are the world’s strictest standards, to minimize the potential injury hazards and to make sure that the indoor playground will pass your local safety inspections.

Flexible custom design service & one stop indoor play solution


Custom design a playground which exactly matches your business image. Or, share us your ideas and let’s incorporate them into the design. You can also browse our playground design library and select your favorite one to start from. Our design service is so flexible.

As an expert in indoor playground designing, manufacturing, and installation, Hooray Amusement will take care well most of the complicated jobs in setting up a playground business. We respect every client and any budget; no project is too big or small.

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