Custom Design

The beginning of a successful playground business

Flexible design for your indoor playground

Indoor playgrounds not only need to look attractive, but must also be fun and ultimately safe. We will take into account the interests of children as well as the safety of the traffic flow. Our design will ensure that your little clients of all ages are free to move around the playground.

Almost all elements of our indoor playgrounds can be customized according to your requirements. If you want to stand out from the competition and custom design your own playground, we are ready to help.

Standard Design Services

Choose an example design from our library

Contact our support team to ask for our latest catalog and choose the design which you like most. Or you can simply ask our team to help you select a design from our extensive library based on your ideas and budget.

You can also select the elements from our large range of play apparatus to add to your playground, and we are also ready to provide any necessary advice in your selection. After you confirm the theme and the play apparatus, our 3D designers will work out a true-scale 3D model according to your floor plan. (Normally, we will maximize the utilization of your space.)

* The standard design service is free of charge and we are ready to make endless revisions until every detail meets your requirements and expectations.design process.

Unique Design Services

Bring your idea to life

If you need an original & unique design, we can help! We will create a themed playground specifically for you with custom play apparatus, decorations, logos, etc.

First, we will work out a conceptual playground based on all the information you provide, and, after you approve the concept design, our 3D designers will transfer all elements to 3d models. We will work out a true-scale 3D playground which will demonstrate how the playground will finally look. After you approve the design, our production department will start to manufacture the playground and turn your idea into reality.

*Please note that for our unique design service, we charge a design fee before we start the design process.

Our design principle

Custom design according to the floor plan and your budget

After you find a perfect site for your indoor playground business, send us the floor plan and we will study it. We might ask for some additional photos in order to better understand the location and dimensions of your site. Tell us the budget that you have in mind, and we will incorporate all these into our design. Be assured that our experienced designers will not just make sure the playground fits perfectly in the floor plan given, but also maximize the playability by adding as much play apparatus as possible.

Adapting your ideas to the requirements of safety

There might be some unique ideas or personalized elements that you would like to add to the design of your playground. No problem, just share your idea with our design team. We will study these requirements in detail, with our years of experience, and will try to incorporate them into your playground design as much as possible. If we believe that certain requirements cannot be met, or if we believe that they may bring safety or other concerns, we will work with you to find a satisfactory alternative.

Maintenance and profitability

No matter what the original intention of opening an indoor playground, as a business, we must consider profitability. The best design is always the one which will really bring you success. We will work with you to achieve your target customer base, market consumption level, and any other necessary topics, and to design the most suitable playground for you. Additionally, in our design, we will try to reduce the cost of future maintenance as much as possible.

Endless revisions until we meet your satisfaction

Designing a playground requires not only creativity but also patience. Throughout the design process, we will maintain continuous communication with you, and make changes to the design in accordance with your requirements in the shortest possible time. Our designers are experts in this. Don’t worry about our patience – we will make endless revises until you are fully satisfied.

Just some examples

* The playground designs shown on this website are only a handful of what we have designed and manufactured. If you would like to learn more about our designs, please contact our support team to get our latest catalog.

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