Quality of installation matters

Your playground requires a high quality installation

For indoor playgrounds, proper & professional installation is as important as the quality of the playground equipment itself. The quality of installation greatly affects the safety and life-time of the playground. Only a fully installed indoor playground will be considered as a completed project and ready for safety inspection.

For complex or middle or large indoor playgrounds, in order to ensure the quality of installation, we are ready to send professional installation staffs to provide on-site installation services for you; If your playground is small or if you want to experience the fun of installing your own playground, don’t worry, we provide comprehensive and accurate installation guides for each playground.

Order our installation service

Hooray Amusement has a dedicated, well-trained team of installation technicians who possess extensive experience from installing over 1000+ playgrounds all over the world, Making sure your playground will be installed in high quality and in shortest possible time.

*As a part of our service, our installation service is non-profit. You only need to bear the air tickets, meals and hotel expenses of our installation staffs.

Install with our complete guide

For each playground, we provide detailed installation guides including installation manual, photos, and videos; these will guide you to install the playground correctly by yourself. If you meet any problems in installation, we are ready to provide additional guides by phone, email, WhatsApp, etc.

*Install a playground is not that easy. If you do not have any experience at all, we strongly suggest that you order our installation services.

We provide easy-to-understand installation guide

We fully understand that choosing from ordering our installation service and installing the indoor playground by yourself depends on many factors including cost. Although we strongly recommend that you give the job to our professional installation team, you don’t have to worry too much about the quality of the installation if you decide to install the playground by yourself. We will prepare detailed, professional installation guides and you just need to make sure you strictly follow the guides. In addition, if you encounter any problems in the installation process, you can contact us by phone, SMS, email, WhatsApp, Skype, etc.. We promise to provide you with the solutions in the shortest time.

Installation Manual

Photo guides

Video guides

Never leave you any potential trouble

We always test the installation before shipping

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