Indoor Play Solutions

A wide range of play options to build your dream play business

Trampoline Parks


Custom design, manufacture and install quality trampoline parks with a lot of highly playable elements, including foam pits, climbing walls, dodgeball, basketball, etc..

Themed Playgrounds


From Amazon jungles to Artarctica snow and ice, or from the outer space to a mini city, Hooray Amusement is able to create & manufacture a fantastic playground which starts with any imagination. 

Classic Playgrounds


Lots of traditional playground designs have stood the test of time and are still appealing to children. Classic doesn’t mean boring and inflexible; we can still incorporate a variety of custom elements in your playground.

Adventure Parks


Physical activity is important for the health of people of all ages. Our adventure park aims to provide fun and exciting challenges for players of all ages, allowing children and adults to participate in their adventures happily.

Toddler Play


Toddlers are still developing balancing. It is safer to have a play area specially for them. Let them play with others of their own age, with the equipment specially designed for their age, and enjoy the greatest fun. 



The playground designs and play elements are not unchangeable. We can also custom design and manufacture many other types of indoor playgrounds according to your specific requirements. 

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