At Hooray Amusement, we ensure quality by using best-in-class materials, employment of advanced machineries, and strict quality control.  We aim to provide our customers with the best indoor play system & play units. We are full of confidence in quality, and we offer the most competitive warranty service in the industry.

The following is a brief introduction of our main warranty terms. If you are interested in knowing the details of our warranty policy, please feel free to contact us.

Please note:

  • Hooray Amusement warrants its products to the original customer only. If the playground and equipment are sold, mortgaged or transferred to a third party, all warranty will automatically expire.
  • The warranty period starts from the date of operation of the playground.
  • Hooray Amusement’s warranty applies only to structural failure due to defect in materials or workmanship in manufacturing.
  • Hooray Amusement provides detailed installation instructions and inspection & maintenance manuals for each playground. Customers are responsible for careful reading, use and maintenance of all these materials. Incorrect installation and maintenance will automatically invalidate all warranty. For daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly checklists, please refer to our inspection & maintenance manual.

Warranty period:

  • The warranty period for the whole playground is 12 months. Please note that any defects due to overuse, improper use or abnormal wear and tear are not covered by Hooray Amusement’s warranty scope.
  • All galvanized steel pipes, cast aluminum parts and all stainless steel hardware such as screws, bolts, nuts and washers are guaranteed for 36 months.
  • The following parts are guaranteed for 18 months:
    • Components made of plastic or fiberglass material, such as: slides, themed panels, cubes, straight & curved flanges, tunnels, swing seats, junction boxes, tubes.
    • Soft wrapping materials for soft play structure and equipment, including: platforms, soft wall cushions, flooring mat, climbers, stairs, ball pit, punching bag and post padding.
    • Trampoline, webbing equipment, safety netting and other play activities made of fiber glass material.
    • Steel parts and metal hardware for ball blaster equipment, including: barrel, mount, post, seat, and mounting hardware.
    • Frame, structure, padding, and soft wrapping material of electronic soft play.
    • Electrical and electronic components, such as: motor, gear box, air blower, air compressor, water pump, magnetic valve, buttons.
  • The warranty does not cover foam balls, plastic ocean balls and other vulnerable parts.
  • The warranty does not cover any flooring mat that has been installed outside the playground area.

Warranty method:

Spare parts: all playgrounds of Hooray Amusement will have a certain number of spare parts transported together to the customers.These spare parts are free of charge and are normally sufficient to keep the playground maintained for 1 to 3 years. For example: 15% to 20% of extra pipe foams and zip ties, 10% of extra netting and netting lace, extra fiberglass rods, etc. will normally be included. The customers should properly store these spare parts.

Spare parts out of stock: if the faulty parts are not in our list of spare parts, or if the spare parts ran out of stock, we will ship the parts to the customer and bear all the freight. 

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