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Using only the finest materials and following a strict manufacturing process, Hooray Amusement manufactures only safe, durable and well-designed indoor playgrounds to our customers. We are very committed to manufacturing and producing only high-quality products as we understand how critical it would be to the indoor playground business of our customers. We believe that with their success, this, in turn, will also lead to the success of our business.

Why is the quality of indoor playground important?


It does go without saying that children’s safety should be the top priority in any playground and especially more so in an indoor playground. Even in some countries, an indoor playground cannot be open before it passes a strict safety inspection. Thus having high-quality equipment would be the first and foremost step to safety guarantee in an indoor playground.

In the long run, having high-quality indoor playground equipment would help greatly in reducing the maintenance cost and ensuring long-term profitability. On the other hand, low-quality equipment will suffer from having to need frequent servicing which can, in turn, turn a profitable business into a loss. Having low-quality products can cause many safety problems which can lead to customers losing trust in the playground and thus stop visiting.

What are the quality differences in the indoor playground?


On the first glance, indoor playgrounds from different manufacturers look similar, they are but all a number of parts being put together, but underneath the surface, the quality of indoor playground is hugely different, as a result of different material, manufacturing process, care for the details and installation. Below are some examples that show the quality differences between Hooray Amusement playgrounds and the low-quality playgrounds of other companies.

Complying with Safety Standards of Europe and North America


Product safety and quality have always been Hooray Amusement’s highest priority. Our play equipment is manufactured with the highest quality materials, our playgrounds are tested and certified to the most strict international standards (ASTM of the U.S.A., CE of Europe), from the safety of materials to the safety of entire play structure.

Hooray Amusement is the only manufacturer in China that is certified to ASTM F1918, which is the national standard of the US that governs all indoor playgrounds and is also world’s first safety standard specifically developed for indoor playground.

By complying with these standards, we can minimize the injury hazards in the indoor playground and to make sure that it will pass safety inspections in any country, mandatory or voluntary. Below are a few examples of the differences between Hooray Amusement’s play equipment and the play equipment of other manufacturers that do not comply with the safety standards that we have stated above. It takes many years of experience in this industry to be able to understand these safety standards along with great investment in both resources and efforts in order to truly implement and incorporate them correctly in the design and manufacturing process.

Pipe Structures

Steel Pipes

The steel pipes we use have a wall thickness of either 2.3mm or 2.5mm. These specifications will be written in the sales contract and can be verified by the customers when they receive our products.

Our steel pipes are hot-dip galvanized steel pipes where the whole pipe is immersed in a bath of molten zinc thus both the inside and outside of the pipes are protected from rusting for many years. In comparison, other companies use a cheaper process such as “electroplated coatings”, such steel is not real gavalnized steel, those pipes have a much weaker corrosion resistance, they often get rusty already when arrive the installation sites.


Our proprietary clamps are made of hot-galvanized malleable steel, with 6mm wall thickness, it is much more stronger and durable in comparison to the cheap iron clamps that is used by other playground companies.

Customers can test the quality of the clamps by hitting it with a heavy hammer. You will be able to tell the difference as the low quality clamps will crack or break while our steel ones will receive no damage at all.
Hooray Amusement has the largest variety of clamps in this industry. The variety allows us to design and build indoor playgrounds that are more reliable and looks much neater. Below are some examples of the playground details that can only be achieved by using our proprietary clamps:

Safety Netting

Our safety netting are tightly knitted and certified to be used in outdoor sports and more durable than the netting of other Chinese suppliers.

For our wave slides, we have the no-climb netting surrounding it to prevent children from climbing up the slides.
For customers where the safety standard mandates, we will install a no-climb netting for the first level that has a very small mesh to prevent children from climbing up the structure and putting themselves in danger.

Customers can also choose to upgrade their roof nettings to our proprietary roof liner. The roof liner has a more upscale look in comparison to the safety netting and provides shades on the top level and is also much easier to install compared to the normal nettings.


The vertical pipes on the ground comes with a strong cast-iron footing which is bolted to the concrete floor to hold the pipes stably in position. The pipes of other Chinese suppliers either simply sit on the floor, or are installed in plastic footing — a cheap and low quality alternative to our cast-iron footings.

Foam Pipes and Zip Ties

The foam pipes has foam thickness of 1.85cm with the diameter of the pipes being 8.5cm. The PVC vinyl has a pure and bright colour and is also UV-resistant making sure the pipes stays flexible and durable even when exposed in sunlight. The pipe foam of other Chinese companies usually only have a foam thickness of 1.6cm with the diameter of the pipes being only 8cm, with their PVC vinyl not being UV-resistant causing the colours to fade and the PVC vinyl itself to become fragile over time.

The zip ties used to tie the foam pipes to the steel pipes are made of high quality plastic, making it flexible yet still tough. The video below will show the differences of our zip ties and the low quality zip ties:

We use generously more zip ties to tie the foams onto the steel pipes, the space between our zip ties is 15cm to 16cm, in comparison with 25cm to 30cm of space of other manufacturers, this will tie the foam and netting on the structure much more reliably, and greatly reduce the maintenance cost of the customer.

Soft Play Equipment

Deck Boards

The deck boards are over 5cm in thickness consisting of 1.8cm thick high quality plywood and 3.5cm thick high density foam. In comparison, the deck boards of most other Chinese manufacturers are only around 3.2cm in thickness consisting of 1.2cm thick plywood and 2cm think foam.

Our deck boards are affixed to the pipe structures using powder coated brackets and screws. In comparison, most of other Chinese manufacturers merely place the boards on without affixing them.

Our deck boards are padded by foam on the top and sides, and completely covered with PVC tarpaulin on the top, bottom, and sides. This make sure the deck boards are soft on top and all 4 sides, providing the the best protection and care for the children and making it look great as well. In comparison, most of the other Chinese manufacturers would attach foam on the front side only and cover the rear side of their deck boards with a cheaper polyester fabric to save money.


The wooden parts of all of our products are made of high quality plywoods. In comparison, many of the other Chinese manufacturers uses cheap raw wood which are not only fragile but are also not allowed to be imported to most countries due to possible pest hazards.

For customers in states or countries which has different requirements for the wood that can be used (i.e. California), we are also able to cater to their requests and use the plywood that is certified to their local standards.

PVC Wrappings

The PVC tarpaulin used to wrap up our soft play equipment are manufactured by the best manufacturer in China. These heavy-duty 18oz industrial-grade PVC vinyl is 0.55mm thick, strengthened by 1000D nylon weaving inside the coating, making it capable of withstanding many years of intense wear, yet still maintaining its soft touch.

With one of the widest range of colours available, we are able to make a big range of colourful playgrounds that will appeal to many different customers.


Hooray Amusement uses only high-density foam to make the paddings for all our soft play equipment thus our soft play equipment are capable of maintaining its shape for years under the constant play. By comparison, other Chinese manufacturers uses cheap low-density foam which are not very capable of maintaining its shape even after only a few months. You can see in the video below, the differences between our high-density foam and low quality foams that have been used by other manufacturers.
the differences between our high-density foam and low quality foams that have been used by other manufacturers.

Climb Ramps and Stairs

Our ramps and stairs have a layer of high density EVA foam similar to the materials used in making our EVA floor mats. This layer of high density EVA foam will enable the ramps and stairs to withstand the treadings of the kids and yet still be able to stay in its original shape for a much longer time.

The sides of the ramp are tied directly to the safety netting to make sure that there no gaps or spaces in between that will caused any children to slip through.
The area on the bottom side of the ramp will be surrounded by safety netting to prevent children’s access, but there will be a service entrance for the staff for maintenance purposes.

Rainbow Bridges

Our rainbow bridges features a much higher arc making it looks much nicer in comparison to companies which has a lower arc for their bridges.

With the availability of the widest range of the colours of PVC tarpaulin in our stock, if the customer requests, our bridge can feature the colour combinations of the rainbow in comparison with other companies whose bridges will only feature a few colours.

Punch Bags

Our punch bags are fully stuffed with foam and wrapped with our strong PVC tarpaulin making it bouncy and giving the punch bags their plump looks.

They are attached to the structure using a steel harness which is very reliable and durable. The punch bags are also able to rotate freely on this special steel harnesses.
The steel harnesses are covered with soft padded PVC covers for the children’s safety and also giving the whole play equipment it’s nice upscale finish.

Our unique animal themed punch bags are also wrapped with our strong PVC tarpaulin, while the ears and arms of the animal themed punch bags are strengthened to withstand the torments of the children.

Vertical and Horizontal Rollers

Our rollers are made of high-density foam which bounces back to its original shape after the pressure is released. Children can tread and lay on it, yet it will still be able to keep its shape for years.

The sides of our rollers are covered by soft padded PVC covers which protects the children from being hurt from touching the moving parts of the rollers, in accordance with the safety standards set by Europe (EN-1176) and America (ASTM-1918).

Themed Elements : Canopy, Digital Print Soft Padded Boards, Themed Entrance

Our digital prints are coated in a UV-resistant protective film, which will prevent the prints from fading in sunlight and to protect them from being scratched and worn by children.

Our themed elements are created by our graphic designers and are printed from high resolution formats, thus it looks clear both close-up and from a distance. For many other chinese companies, the images are in poor resolution formats which are mostly copied from the internet, thus the images would not look clear even from a distance.

The 3-D windows and decorations are 3-D in both the renderings and the real products as well. In comparison, many other Chinese manufacturers’ finished products are usually only in 2-D prints and not the 3-D structures showed in their renderings.

Spiky Rollers and Spiky Balls

Our rollers and balls are stuffed with foam while the spikes are stuffed with high quality synthetic cotton used in stuffing plush toys. In comparison, many other Chinese companies uses scraps or saw dusts to stuff their rollers.
Though the 3-D rendering of the rollers might look similar for all playground manufacturers, there are major differences between our spiky rollers and balls and those made by many other Chinese manufacturers, please see pictures below:

Elastic Forest

Our elastic forest obstacles are made of elastic materials on its ends making it easier, more fun and challenging for children to climb and push their way through this obstacle. Many other companies do not use elastic materials on its ends and thus making their obstacle rigid and dull.

All of our elastic forest obstacle are stuffed with high quality synthetic cotton similar to ones used as plush toy stuffings which keeps them plump. In comparison, the products of many other Chinese manufacturers are stuffed with various scraps.

Ball Pool

The balls that we provide for our ball pool/pit are of the best quality in China. The plastic skin of the balls we provide are much thicker than the plastic skin of the balls provided by other playground manufacturers. High quality balls means that their colours are also brighter and purer than the colour of the lower quality ones.

We also place stairs at the entry area from outside and exit area from inside of the ball pool / pit. This will make it easier the kids to enter in and exit out of the ball pool. Many other manufacturers skip having the stairs inside the ball pool order to save on costs.

Slides & Plastic Parts

Heavy duty pigmented rotomolded resin

All major plastic components of Hooray Amusement indoor playground are made of shatter-proof compounded resins that are usually found in outdoor playground only, and are produced with our own rotomolding machines. They are more resistant to impact, abrasion, and aging. The finished product also looks more glossy and smooth, and does not induce static.

Wave Slides

The wave slide is one of the most attractive and exciting play equipment in the indoor playgrounds, one which will attract not just many children, but also parents (or grand parents), if it is not strong enough or properly designed and built, this play equipment can be a danger to the users. Our wave slides are designed and built to be used by not just the children, but also the adults, they match all the safety standards of the world and are built to last a long time.

Our fibreglass wave slide is made of coloured gel which is abrasion-resistant and highly durable. The wave slides will be keeping it bright colour and glossy surface even after many years of usage. Many other Chinese companies uses paint for their wave slides instead of colored gel, the slide surface of such slides is destined to crack and abrade after a short period of usage.

The body of our fiberglass slides are almost twice as thick as the slides of other companies, which can be proven by its weight. As a result, our fiberglass slides are sturdier and more durable.

Our fibreglass wave slides are designed to provide an optimized smooth and consistent sliding surface that provides an exciting yet safe experience for the children. In comparison, poorly designed slides by many other Chinese companies will cause the children to either slide too fast or too slow causing the users to stop at the mildly sloped areas between the “waves”.

The video below shows an example of what kind of accident the low quality cheap wave slides can cause:

Not so funny, if it’s your playground.

So, what’s wrong with this slide? It’s the angle. Speed builds up here, though it shouldn’t. The point of the wave slide is to slow down after descending every 1.2 meters and then speed up again. Someone actually has a mold for this horrible slide and sells them. We can’t emphasize it more – choose your playground supplier carefully!

Our wave slides are built with railings on the sides to keep the children safely in their own slide chutes.

In compliance with the safety standards of USA ASTM and Europe’s EN, the sides of the slide structure are enclosed by no-climb nettings with small meshes to prevent children’s fingers from getting caught in the netting and also to prevent the kids from climbing up the slide.

We install a big and thick soft mat after children stops at the end of our long exit section.

The safety nettings are also extended to surround the sides of the landing/exit area to prevent collision accidents between children who are exiting the slides and other children.

Spiral Tube Slides

Our spiral tube slides comes with clear windows that are covered by a strong and clear lens made of the same materials used in manufacturing bullet-proof windows.
With the years of experience in manufacturing and installing indoor playgrounds, we are able to design and build spiral slides that are optimized to ensure a smooth sliding experience for the children.

In compliance with the safety standards of USA ASTM and Europe’s EN, the landing/exit area of the slides are surrounded by safety netting to prevent collision accidents between the children who are exiting the slides and the other children.

Plastic Tubes

Our plastic tubes such as those used in the crawling tubes have a clear window covered by lens which are made of the same materials used in manufacturing bullet-proof windows. This will enable parents to see into these crawling tubes to keep a watch no their children.

Installation Brackets and Components for Slides

Over our 12 years of experience in manufacturing and installing playgrounds, we have developed numerous types of proprietary mounting brackets to ensure that the slides are fixed securely to the structure.

Self-locking nuts and bolts are used in the slide installation and also in other play equipment that are subjected to frequent vibration or movement to ensure that the play equipment are safe for the children to play.

Webbing Equipment

Webbing Deck and Webbing Bridges

The webbing decks and bridges are meant to be stepped on, jumped on and climbed on by the children and thus they have to be strong enough to bear the weight of children. These webbings have to be very strong in order to stay in shape and be able to last a long time. Our webbings are manufactured using tightly knitted nylon webbings which is the same materials that is used to make the seat belts in a car.
The stitching of the webbing is done using very strong nylon threads and is double stitched on all the joint parts of the webbing to ensure that they do not fall apart thus ensuring that the webbing will be strong.

Single Plank Bridge

The sides of our single plank bridges are made of webbing which has a mesh size of 5cm. In comparison, the webbings of many other Chinese suppliers have a mesh size of around 8cm to 10cm. The large mesh sizes poses a danger to the children and is also not in compliant with the safety standards set for the indoor playground.

Our webbings are installed using our unique velcro designs which makes it easier to detached and reinstalled by the owners for maintenance and cleaning purposes.

Webbing Crawl Tunnels

Other than the normal webbing crawl tunnels, we also have other varieties that can add more excitement to the normal web crawl tunnels. We have a rocking web crawl tunnel that are suspended on big strong springs. Thus when children crawl through it, the springiness will add an element of excitement to this normal static equipment. We also have the swaying web crawl tunnel where the equipment is suspended on 2 steel beams which causes the equipment to sway left and right as the children crawl thorugh it. Even though they might look the same as the static ones, you can be sure that they will be different.

Spider Climb Tower

The spider climb tower is one of the most eye-catching exciting climb equipment in indoor playgrolides unds. Funlandia is very proud to be the only Chinese company whose spider climb towers are manufactured to safety and quality standards set in Europe and USA. Our spider climb tower uses super strong elastic belts that are upholstered in PVC tarpaulin that children will climb through to get to the next level. These belts are built to last for many years.

We are constantly improving and renovating our products. An example would be the updated version of the spider climb tower that has combined the spider climb tower with an air tight trampoline below which has color changing LED lights.



Our commercial-grade trampolines are built with strong metal structures and specially strengthened metal components such as the tailor-made springs. These structure and components will ensure that the trampoline will be sturdy and durable.

The trampoline cloth used in our trampolines are thick and made of high quality fabric that are made specially for trampolines. Nylon webbings are stictched on all sides of the trampoline cloth using strong nylon threads to ensure the durability of our trampoline.


Our interlocking foam mats are commercial-grade and made of high-density anti-fatigue EVA that will stay in shape even after years of intense usage in commercial playgrounds. In comparison, foam mats made of ordinary EVA that are supplied by many other playground manufacturers are usually for home-use and not really qualified for commercial usage. The picture below will show the difference.

For the toddler area, soft play mats are usually used instead of EVA mats. Our soft play mats are similar to the deckboards used on our play structure only softer. The soft play mats have a plywood base and the foam used is the 45D high-density soft foam and completely upholstered with our high quality PVC vinyl. The high density foam will maintain its shape after years of usage and will provide better protection to the children and is more durable compared to foam mats.

Customers can also choose to upgrade the EVA Mats of the main play structure to soft play mats if they are interested.


The installation process is a very important part in the process of building an indoor playground. The quality of installation will affect the quality of the finished indoor playground. This is why only a fully installed indoor playground will be considered a completed product and ready for safety inspection. If the playground is poorly installed, no matter how high the quality of the play equipments are, the safety and quality of the indoor playground can be greatly compromised.

Hooray Amusement has an in-house team of highly experienced and skilled professional installers. Our installation technicians on average have around 8 years of playground installation experience. They have installed over 500 indoor playgrounds all over the world and have a strict standard which they follow to make sure that the playground are installed properly so that not only are they safe and durable but will also give the playground a high quality look and make it easy for the maintenance. Our professional installation team will be our first guarantee of installation quality. In comparison, many other suppliers do not have their own installation workers but instead sub-contracts the installation jobs to others and thus they are not able to control the quality of the installation works.

Hooray Amusement also provides a very comprehensive and accurate installation manual that we custom-made for every individual customer’s playground. Our installation manuals are easy to follow and very informative with the layered 3D drawing that shows all details of the pipe structure and illustrated installation instructions for all our major products. Customers will have no problems installing the playground and the equipment themselves as long as they follow the manual carefull and pay attention to the instructions. Below you can see a glimpse of our installation manual.

Hooray Amusement constantly updates the materials, techniques and process used in the installation to ensure higher quality and efficiency in the playground installation process. For example, we are the first Chinese company who will be providing fiberglass rods to tie the netting to the structure to reduce the time and labour costs of the installation of the netting which is one of the most tedious work involved in a playground installation.

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